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Codexxa is a choice music program development firm, helping customers globally in creating top notch music programs with amazing features and high finished specifications

Our specialist application developers can construct your best music program now!

Top Rated Music App Development
Kinds Of Streaming Apps Codexxa Can Produce

Types Of Streaming Apps Codexxa Can Develop

If you're always thinking on how best to construct a live streaming program, then Codexxa will give you a hand.

Our specialist team of expert streaming program developers know how to create Different Kinds of video streaming programs Which Are now quite popular today

Live Broadcasting Apps

These streaming programs help users to capture and stream videos in exactly the exact same moment. Facebook Live, Periscope and Twitch are a few popular examples of live broadcasting programs. Codexxa will help you construct a similar program for helping your customers to see live gameplays, speak with their communities and much more.

Music Streaming Apps

By Pandora into Spotify, audio streaming programs have revolutionized the whole music and audio market. Now users do not have to download music on their device . They could pick and choose anything to perform through streaming audio programs. We can construct a similar program for you armed with all the correct attributes

Video On Demand Viral Programs

Netflix has changed into a rage nowadays since it finished the monotony of programming to the consumer. Now, the consumer may utilize its Video on demand Streaming Apps and construct its programming program without downloading anything to your own apparatus. Our program development group can construct a VOD streaming app for you which will easily enable users to play, rewind, pause videos, and make playlists, watch recommendations and a whole lot more

TV Live Streaming Programs

Exactly like everything else, users want to watch TV via streaming it live nowadays. We've got a specialist staff on board which may construct a live TV streaming program for your station which enables your customers to view any one of your broadcasts in HD quality anyplace they desire.

Best Streaming Apps

Creating The Best Streaming Programs Out There

Best music programs such as Spotify and Apple Music have enabled users to get any sort of music in almost any genre, even with no singer, in almost any nation through the net with unbelievable ease

It has been made possible with the growth of streaming capacities within these programs. Now users do not have to download tunes on to their apparatus, which has been a lengthy, drawn out procedure. They could now only easily stream their favourite tunes, TV shows and films on their favourite streaming programs

These high streaming programs are unbelievably fast, they don't occupy a great deal of your cellphone's storage or calculating power and will help you find any monitor and perform with it over a matter of seconds only with several taps.

The program shops now have a great deal of different kinds of streaming programs. By Netflix into Spotify, streaming programs have become all of the rage nowadays. In Codexxawe could assist you to build you an ideal streaming program that may certainly play VOD or Music with amazing ease.

Additionally, we also know Digital Rights Management and will make sure your goods or media files inside the program stay in safe use for the sake of their consumer. Codexxa knows the expectations of this industry flawlessly and if you would like to earn a streaming program that actually works and attract customers, then we could create a winning audio program for you.

Best Streaming Apps
Content Protection Via DRM
Content Protection Via DRM

The Way We'll Protect Your Streaming Content With DRM?

If you would like to receive a platform constructed for streaming movie or audio files, you're constantly concerned about ensuring the safety of your articles in any way costs.

In Codexxa, we offer the best content security via Digital Rights Management or DRM. Your articles will continually be cordoned off from unauthorized usage as our pro streaming program development group boundaries your articles to only be retrieved through a predetermined server.

We provide special encoding, packaging, playback along with a list of servers especially custom developed for one to supply the best in safe streaming program development technology on the market.

The Process For Music Apps

Custom App Development Procedure:

Our procedure for audio program development is similar to the procedures we follow along with different kinds of software development. That is becausewe all know this will not perfect. Music programs are among the most detailed oriented programs on the market and consumers always engage with them during their day. A single lax attribute or even a dumb design defect will cause users ditching the program permanently.

This is precisely what we try to differ from at Codexxa.

Our audio program development procedure is topnotch and designed particularly to make sure that just the best music programs are supplied to customers and consumers alike.

The Process For Music Apps
Best Streaming Apps in the Industry

Codexxa’s Streaming App Development

We realize the requirements of the contemporary consumer and will build an ideal streaming program complete with all of the vital characteristics to create the program a certain shot hit with the viewers.

Here are some top features that we can integrate for you on your audio or video streaming program

Perform on Demand

Users may play with any media or content file every time they want

Offline Play/Download on App

The consumers can download audio or movie files inside the program so they can see them offline in the future


Users may make their personalized profiles which will permit them to conserve their screening background, present them together with advocated video or audio alternatives and a whole lot more

Recommendation Algorithm

Users can get music or video recommendations based on their own screening foundations to be able to provide them a much more personalized audience encounter

Simultaneous Log-ins

The program will have the ability to deal with numerous simultaneous logins according to requirements


Users will have the ability to speed the media or video documents as they deem appropriate.

Building All Music Player Applications

Kind of Music Apps We Develop

We develop all three types of music applications:

Music Streaming Apps
Music Streaming Apps

These kind of audio programs are ones in which the audio is present from the centralized databases of their ceremony provider/app owner. Audio cloud is a great illustration of what a leading music streaming program resembles. When creating music streaming programs, we concentrate on the following elements:

  • Audio Discovery
  • Recommendations/Customization
  • Personal playlists
  • Sharing option for social media
Music Store Apps
Music Store Apps

These programs are extremely much like audio streaming programs, however they also have a commercial element to them. This effectively means that we'll construct music programs for you that exude monetization. Users will purchase tunes from these types of programs assisting you to earn remarkable revenue on a constant basis. If you would like to conceptualize regarding what sort of a music program these seem like, then envision Pandora or YouTube Music that are both audio shop programs. Inside This program type, we concentrate on those elements:

  • Monetize/Paid Music
  • Specialized Promotions & Engagements
  • User reviews/feedback
Music Storage Apps
Music Storage Apps

These audio programs help users to play music stored in their own phones. Google Music, that can be present on virtually all Android cellular telephones, is an superb illustration of music storage programs. Inside this program genre, we concentrate more on performance than anything else so as to make incredibly effective for consumers to interact with those programs. The audio player program layout is the principal focus region for such kind of programs.

Music storage apps are basically developed with the following components:

  • External/Cloud Uploading
  • Personalization/Customization
  • Loop/Playback/Playlist Creation/Search Bar
OS Centric Music App Development/Music Apps for Google Play & Apple App
IOS Centric Music App Development/Music Apps for Google Play & Apple App Store

Best Technology for The Creation of Live Streaming Apps

Advances in technology have made live streaming apps possible. Specifically, the following technologies have helped live streaming app development:

Media storage

Cloud suppliers such as google, Amazon, and Microsoft have made it feasible to keep media resources in a trusted and scalable method.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A system of distributed servers to make content delivery easier for a dispersed audience.

Layout Specifications

Excels in UI/UX design make it possible for users to intuitively use live streaming programs.

Streaming Players

Advanced video gamers who accommodate to browser and platform and provide the best expertise to consumers

Modern consumer authentication and encryption technologies

Employing a Google or Facebook accounts to log in to the live streaming program makes it a lot easier for users. Information encryption keeps video resources protected from hackers.

Music Apps For Google Play & APPLE App Store

Android & Apple Music App Development

In Codexxawe specialize in creating custom audio programs to match both kinds of OS. Whether you would like your music programs to stone on iPhones or operate easily on Android smart phones, we've customized strategies to either

Android audio program development is not as costly, but can permit you to obtain a larger assortment of attributes due to the platform's flexibility towards integrating radical, new components

Apple music program development is much more likely towards providing users with a leading program encounter. Here you'll find the latest audio program layout that looks elegant and is amazing to participate together on all levels

Real Estate Digital Solutions

Integrated, Robust & One-Window Backend To Control The App’s Features

Master Admin Panel

Control all on your own on-demand app through this dashboard containing obligations, commissions, user profiles, testimonials, comments and obligations.

Monitor Performance

Attain entry to each of the significant performance metrics on your own on-demand app and manage performance based problems through the ideal analytics

Payment Gateway

Keep an eye on your obligations and earnings via your in-built app with the extra capability to limit access to the attribute to non-concerned staff.

Feature Rollout

Program management panel has been synchronized with the audio program's user interface to make certain that no safety problems or glitches revolve around for long.

Client Analytics

Accessibility to consumer analytics is a particular portion of our backend support as it lets you maximize user experience based on real-time usage data accumulated from all areas of the audio program.

Access Settings

Redact, add or alter any settings inside the program with stunning simplicity and unbelievable precision in the single, highly optimized platform

Music Editing & Learning Apps
Music Editing & Learning Apps

User Centric Music App Development

We do not just develop programs that assist users hear their favourite songs, we also create all sorts of music editing programs and audio learning programs.

Codexxa is a award winning app Development Company and remaining abreast of trends is our forte and that which makes us unique and appreciated in the program development realm.

We can pull all our tools and experience in the area of program development to make stunning user-friendly music program UI layouts and UX interface, which means anyone who utilizes gets hooked on nearly instantly.

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