Artificial Intelligence

Mobile programs and sites are all about providing customers a personalized experience.

When coupled with custom mobile program development, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will help do that, and induce customer retention.

Using AI, we electricity your program with personalized recommendations empowered through predictive evaluation, making sure that your program is constantly creating new value for consumers.

Our programs are tailored to offer your company a substantial competitive edge.

Artificial Intelligence

Cloud Deployment

Our mobile apps and digital solutions are deployed on cloud, allowing on-demand access to users. This can help businesses gain an inherent scalability, reduced redundancy and an affinity to Agile processes.

As part of our development process and effort to bring emerging technology solutions to Canada, we execute all configurations and installations that must be implemented before user provisioning.

This ensures that delivery times are faster and apps are in the ready-to-market stage.

Cloud Deployment


Blockchain is reinventing the way businesses deal with transactions in Silicon Valley and beyond, and we’re bringing the power of blockchain to the Canada mobile app development community.

Platforms and apps with integrated blockchain are going to be crucial in the digital world for information security and data protection.

At Codexxa, we use blockchain to improve our apps, make them more secure, and protect consumer data from external threats. This allows our clients to gain competitive advantage and increase transparency in each transaction.


AR/VR/Mixed Reality

The world of Mixed Reality (MR) is advancing at an incredible pace, particularly in the fields of marketing and advertising, and we are set to transform the digital landscape through it.

Integrating MR with mobile app development can allow Canada based businesses to implement out-of-the-box marketing strategies and create consumer experiences that are both, immersive and compelling.

From E-commerce to real estate, MR has a place in all kinds of industries and we’re making it accessible for businesses in Canada, in a way that promises better growth and scalability.

AR/VR/Mixed Reality

Big Data

Success is a matter of making the right decisions. With access to Big Data making well informed decisions and understanding underlying trends and patterns becomes easy and convenient.

Codexxa leverages big data analytics, predictive models, and user-behavior analysis to create mobile apps that are customized for specified target audiences across a wide variety of industries, such as healthcare, entertainment, and education.

Big Data

IoT App Development

IoT has experienced a surge in users and investments, and the advent of 5G is set to bring it center-stage of mobile app and business development.

We provide custom IoT application development services for personal and business use, enabling users to make the most of this new-age connectivity.

Based on Unique Identifiers (UIDs), we help create apps for all industries to transfer data and perform tasks, based on pre-set conditions without any human-to-human or human-to-machine interaction.

For businesses and entrepreneurs, seamless operations with increased efficiency is no longer out of reach.

IoT App Development

The Canada App Development Industry Is Touching New Horizons

Canada has emerged as one of the primary cities in regards to technological innovation by firms like HostGator FlightAware, and cPanel placed in town.

Mobile program development is critical to its increasing $490.1 billion GDP. Native mobile programs like those manufactured by NASA and FlightAware have established business standards, which other companies are currently seeking to emulate.

For Canada's companies, program developers in Canada will help outperform rivals and have a step farther towards globalization.

Codexxa's aim using its Canada existence is to assist such companies find success

The Codexxa Journey

Codexxa is a portable program development firm dedicated to providing technological solutions to companies and startups. We have helped entrepreneurs reach their actual time business goals through mobile programs like Beach Bandits, Button Smasher, and Picture Pick.

As a global company, Codexxa has offices located in Canada, California, Estonia and Pakistan. Our network of employees extend across Europe, United States, and the Middle East.

It is this unbelievable outreach that provides us the capability to help customers from diverse areas of the planet.

Our goal isn't simply to create digital options but also to assist startups and companies attain sustainable growth and scalability. For decades, we've partnered with small companies and entrepreneurs to supply a digital ecosystem which ensures market reach and success.This is the thing that makes Codexxa a top title in the Canada App Developers community.

Another step in this journey of ours would be to share our experience with the Canada cellular program development market.

Our Process

The App Development Process Followed by Our App Developers in Canada

Our Program programmers follow with an agile process to produce programs with a user friendly UI that give a smooth user experience. Our program development specialists run industry-specific studying to think of a program development plan which best matches the requirements of company seeking to leverage program development Canada for expansion and scalability.


Research And Examine

  • Get to know our Customers
  • Signal an NDA and collect customer requirements
  • Propose our very own lock and solutions the Offer

Documentation and Scoping

  • Project kick-off meeting with PM.
  • Scope of Work Documentation
  • Final Scope review with development and design teams.

Designing and WireFraming

  • WireFraming based on the Client Brief
  • Design individual App screen with UI/UX experts
  • Sharing the design with clients for approval

Development and Testing

  • Coding the Alpha version of the app
  • Coding the Beta Version for client review
  • User-Acceptance Testing for 100% bug-free deployment.


  • Submit the app on Google Play Store
  • Deploy Database on Client’s server(If required)
  • Complete App review process and make the app live.
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Mobile App Development Canada - Empowering Startups, Small Businesses, & Enterprise Companies

Canada is home to a number of the biggest companies in the united states, such as Halliburton, Phillips 66, Apache, and Quanta Services, all which are showcased on the Fortune 500 listing

Adapting to the modern world, Phillips 66 and Halliburton have already ventured into the world of mobile app development to expand their enterprise in the digital landscape.


Halliburton DRIVE, RapidSuite, and Baroid IDP are all game-changing mobile software for the petroleum drilling business. Baroid IDP enables users to find information about any Baroid IDP product and its use. Additionally, it allows pre-set product formulations for on-field process optimisation The Halliburton DRIVE, on the other hand, is an AR software for oil and gas operations training and education. These aren’t the only companies who are revolutionizing their industries by leveraging mobile app development in Canada. Industry leaders across various niches are making optimizing their business to outperform their competitors in the digital landscape. From crowd-funding platforms to revolutionary aviation technology companies, everyone is stepping into the future with app development.

FlightAware is a flight-tracking data firm that provides aircraft operators, service businesses, and passengers using a international flight-tracking alternative. Utilizing data from Air traffic management systems which operate with FlightAware's system of earth stations, it incorporates real-time data from throughout the world for seamless and intuitive flight-tracking.

One of Canada’s leading startups, PledgeCents, is working on democratizing K-12 educational funding through crowdfunding. Marketing itself as a “free means no fees” model, PledgeCents has gained a lot of traction. As such, for startups to grow and accelerate, deriving wisdom from leading companies is crucial. Canada mobile app development has shown its potential of scaling businesses exponentially, and startups should ideally take this step early in their process to out-compete their competitors in this era of global competition.


Canada Mobile App Development is All About the Codexxaution

Codexxa's attempts in Canada revolve mostly about our mission of producing lasting effect. We just recently found our cellular program in Canada called"The Veteran App," that intends to assist our veterans reintegrate into society, post-military support

Codexxa's attempts in Canada revolve mostly about our mission of producing lasting effect. We just recently found our cellular program in Canada called"The Veteran App, " that intends to assist our veterans reintegrate into society, post-military support

Canada iPhone App Development is on the Rise

The iPhone program development Canada functions under another business model, one which relies on revenue generation from a specific target market. In a custom made software development firm we know this target market when providing custom technology solutions on iOS.

Word information indicates that while iOS includes a considerably inferior market share compared to Android, it nonetheless manages to earn more revenue via programs. In Q3 2019, iOS software made almost $6.5 billion over android applications.

In Canada, mobile program development has excellent potential across different business verticals. By AR and VR to showcase potential consequences of disaster management to utilizing machine learning how to decode the motion of space bodies prior to a rocket launching, the chance here is outstanding

Canada Firms, Got A Thought For Mobile App Development?

For a company operator, not all of us have the in-house capacities of creating a technology alternative, like a cellular application.For mobile program development, this is the program development procedure that you need to follow when hiring program developers in Canada or even Huston App growth businesses.

Listed below are seven Important Actions to Receive your program development project began:

  1. Conduct market study on your market to discover the industry difference. This can allow you to identify your distinctive value proposition.
  2. Produce a plan of action for the program development undertaking. List down your target market, the qualities you need on your program, the problem you are solving and how you are solving it.
  3. Pick a monetization program. This is essential to your program's success. Monetize your program based on customer behaviour of your intended audience
  4. Conduct comprehensive research on trusted software growth businesses. Proceed through distinct profiles, portfolios, and reviews to determine potential businesses.
  5. Reach from the shortlisted app growth firms in Canada to receive a cost, timeline, and payment arrangement, together with a finalized list of attributes.
  6. Pick your best choice and get working on a Scope Of Work (SOW) document with the support of a project supervisor assigned by your organization of choice.
  7. Practice the deadline, request weekly progress reports, and also you may have your program developed over 3-6 months, based on the program development business that you employ.

How Much Does App Development Cost?

Mobile software development does not have a certain cost. If you are outsourcing your program development job, then the cost may vary depending upon the following variables:

  1. The Amount of attributes in the program
  2. The geographic location of the Business
  3. The programs that you need to get your program developed on
  4. Any third party API integrations that it may need
  5. The hourly cost of mobile app developers you hire

Maintaining the cost in your mind, Codexxa chose to make its own cost estimating calculator. The calculator lets users obtain a cost quote for their job, with no human interaction. This permits them to flesh out the attribute list of the program thought, maintaining their financial capacities in mind.

Codexxa's costing construction for program development stays agile for our clientele. Billing each job on a milestone basis is a typical practice, ensuring every payment our customers make is well worth every penny with the supply of a deliverable from each side. Our dedication to transparency is the thing that makes customers trust our job, together with project management tools which are user friendly, and helps keep everybody on precisely the exact same page.

The Potential of Mobile App Development Canada

Canada Ranks #4 in Fortune 500 Headquarters

When folks consider Canada, the first thing comes to mind is both Oil and Gas. Famous food supply firm, Sysco, and environmental and waste services firm, Waste Management, have their headquarters located here.

Canada's diversity makes it among those metropolitan regions which has a massive market potential, recorded by aspiring entrepreneurs, small companies, and startups. Since Canada mobile program developers, Codexxa along with other program developers have taken locally established businesses to an global level.


Landry's Inc. is an a American diningroom, hospitality, entertainment, and gambling company with destinations in 35 countries across the united states. The business has also expanded to function in several international locations.

Launched in 1980 in Canada, Landry's capacity to tap into the area of app growth is what makes them stand out. Landry's Select Club program permits users to locate Landry's place on the move, see menus, buy cards, and also make bookings using the town, country, or zip code.

Nowadays, Landry's Inc. operates over 600 restaurants, resorts, casinos, and amusement parks. Each buy for Landry Select Club consumers get them 1 stage, and each 250 points provide them $25 value of purchase at no cost! Now that is what we can leverage access and providing value to clients via electronic options.

The Digital Potential of Canada

Canada app development is still booming with businesses like the 2nd.MD is using its mobile app platforms to provide second opinions to every healthcare problem by connecting users with specialized doctors.

This growing industry is helping thousands of people across the US, with 2nd.MD playing an important role in saving lives and giving patients the comfort of making the right healthcare decisions aided by the right technology.

For businesses to grow in the modern world, leveraging technology is essential. Codexxa’s mission statement is all about using our expertise to deliver digital solutions that can create such a lasting impact on people’s life.


What Exactly Does Codexxa Canada Promise?

When you've got an entrepreneur concealed inside you or should you have a startup, small business, or a business company in the Canada region, then we could assist you to scale and develop your company to a recognized brand that is prepared to expand the worldwide stage.

Any queries? Our staff is always available to help you, whether it's a program development endeavor, a question about Canada's mobile program development marketplace, or a question to our specialists that could help you make your mind up, you are able to reach us out.

Become partner with Codexxa, Join us as team for different region of globe..


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