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Our health care program growth alternatives give revolutionary tech-driven expansion to hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, government health associations & other companies in the medical market


Healthcare App Developers Dedicated to Providing SaaS Led Healthcare Solutions

Codexxa is a US based health care app development business that has helped numerous world-class associations develop first-class engineering alternatives. Our team has paved the way for health care institutions to get scalable and customizable health care program solutions without spending a large quantity of financial or time resources

Our health care app developers guarantee our solutions revolutionize the health care program business and assist all stakeholders reach their important objectives.

As a international health care app development firm, we're prepared to provide premier program solutions to all organizations and individuals working in the medical market

From main healthcare institutions such as hospitals, government health institutions and international health initiatives to secondary associations such as physicians, our solutions may be properly used, leveraged and personalized to serve all sorts of medical and health care technician requirements.

Healthcare App Developers

Supplying The Very Best Innovation, Tech Integrations & Data Privacy Is Always A Priority Within Our Healthcare App Solutions

Our top priority will be to make sure that the healthcare business's rising demands associated with technician are fulfilled through the delivery of their best-in-class healthcare programs that fulfill a broad selection of use cases

From appointment automation to AI-assistant, we could take care of an assortment of healthcare program wants and customize programs that resolve your problems from the most transparent and effective way possible


Medical & Legal Compliance Are Essential

For us, nothing more than just ensuring the protection of the stakeholders which use our programs. When it's the patients or the doctors or perhaps the health care institutions themselves, we consider all steps to make certain our end consumer products i.e. programs are legally and ethically compliant.


The US Foods & Drugs Administration legalizes and authorizes the use of all medications, food goods and some other raw or consumable product. We guarantee that any item listed on our health care app is accepted by this ability at all times. In addition to this, we guarantee that all attributes in our programs such as geo-tagging, private details are saved in accordance with FDA standards.


Medical documents are sensitive and should you digitalize them, data privacy becomes a significant concern. Ensuring secure transactions and supplying secure digital options has always among the top priorities in undertaking any health project.

The medical insurance Portability and Accountability Act is that which we comply with, to make sure that the information you supply to the program and shop inside, stays safe and protected


The transfer of health records electronically between different health care organizations is managed under the EHR umbrella within our programs


Codexxa's Medical Freedom Connected App Development

Our white label health care app development solutions are widely known in the business and in the past several decades, we've partnered with world's top health care organizations to construct an amazing collection of alternatives which are revolutionizing the business

If You're looking for a medical freedom related program solution, then this is a Complete Selection of healthcare program solutions that we can supply:

  • Wellness & Fitness Apps
  • Remote Patient Tracking Apps
  • AI-Based Voice Assistant Apps
  • Prescription Management & Automation Apps
  • Telemedicine Apps
  • Secure & Private Communication Apps
  • Emergency Response Apps
  • Staff Training & Conferencing Platforms
  • HL7 Service Apps

IoT Based Healthcare App Solutions

With the rise in the integration of the Internet of Things in healthcare and its wide ranging applications, our healthcare app solutions can help you pull off initiatives that can seriously improve your functionality and reach as a healthcare organization.Partner with us to develop IoT based healthcare app solutions like Alzheimer’s diagnosis platform, vital sign management & tracking apps among others.


iOS HealthKit, Google Fit Integration In Your Apps

Both Android & iOS allow you to utilize their health-based integration kits in your apps to make them more agile and responsive to modern day needs. We can integrate both of these kits in your apps for mobile devices, wearable devices, tablets, office equipment and more.


Live/Run-Time Healthcare App Solutions

Nowhere is on-demand service delivery more crucial than in healthcare. Whether it’s providing medical assistance to pregnant women in remote areas or accessing medical help in emergencies, our health app developers can develop custom-white label healthcare app solutions based on technologies like AI, Big Data and VR/AR to fulfill these needs.


Efficient Hospital Management Apps

Patients require multiple services that aid in their acquisition of healthcare services like prescription management, patient record management, in-outpatient services, appointment scheduling and more. As a healthcare app development company, we can help you create all these services through our dedicated white label healthcare app solutions.


Fact Is Path-Breaking Developments Are Taking Place in Healthcare Right Now

Codexxa is committed towards utilizing big tech solutions like AI, Big Data & VR among others to disrupt the healthcare space and improve the delivery of healthcare services globally.

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Here's What We Did for a Healthcare Client

Helping Mothers In Remote Areas Survive Postpartum Hemorrhage

PPH has been a custom made healthcare solution which our staff assembled. Its principal purpose was to make sure that childbirth can stay secure and hassle-free, even in remote regions where qualified medical aid is available nor accessible.

The program supplies first-helps like mid wives or some other individual with instructions about the best way best to control or mitigate the consequences of postpartum hemorrhage whilst giving birth, which means that girls and their children could endure these complications, and lead healthy lives.

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