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Our expertise in cross mobile apps development has allowed us to make business-specific options by leveraging the most recent technology, i.e., HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript

We design full-fledged multi-platform apps that are help you reach your audience across a wide array of mobile and OS platforms.

Our cross platform services will enable you to reduce the overall cost of your app project without compromising on the quality of the app. Each version of the app will be built using the same IDE, APIs and languages to ensure a uniform and stellar user experience.

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Why Should You Opt For
Cross Platform App Development?

In the last few decades, there was a constant growth in the amount of both OS and mobile platforms accessible to consumers. A program which is not accessible on one of those platforms will probably likely be missing out on lots of possible customers and revenue.

This is the area where hybrid/cross platform program advancement comes in. It will enable your business to receive its program across as many programs as possible, so increasing your program's reach to the max.

But that is not where the benefits of cross platform program development finish.


A cross-platform program can allow you to save a whole lot in development prices since you wont need to individually cover to get programs developed for each system individually.


A Cross-platform program saves valuable job time since you do not need to write the exact same program many times.


The programming of a cross-platform program supplies a near-native performance. A cross-platform program's hybrid frame enables the program to possess exactly the very same attributes that native programs have.


You can quickly start your program since you'd simply develop a single program that would work flawlessly on either IOS and Android.

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Stellar ROI Driven Cross-Platform Apps

The Importance Cross-Platform Application Development

Your crowd is using several platforms now. There are various devices available in the market they can utilize to see your business's online presence. Taking your business to these devices and platforms is becoming increasingly vital to be successful in today's hyper competitive electronic landscape.

Choosing a single operating system to develop a mobile application for the own brand is not a workable alternative whenever you have the choice of delivering an omnichannel encounter with unlimited advantage by developing a cross platform program.

In brief, cross-platform program development is exactly what your brand and your customers want.

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Tools And Technologies We Leverage For Cross- Platform App

We leverage the following languages and tools such as cross platform mobile program development

Programming Languages

  • 1- Kotlin

  • 2- Swift

  • 3- Java


  • 1- Flutter

  • 2- minute Native

  • 3- Xamarin

  • 4- Ionic

  • 5- Corona

Why Choose

Why Businesses Choose
Codexxa For Their Cross-Platform
Application Development?

Codexxa understands cross-platform program development in its core. Our enthusiasm for learning and adapting to the newest technology gives us an edge over our competition.

We exploit the energy of the most recent technology for cross-platform programs development and deliver programs that run easily on different platforms.

Here Is What gives us an edge over the others when developing cross platform programs:

Integrating A Native User-Experience
Our cross platform programs Provide a uniform experience across all devices and OS, functioning like native programs

Quality Assurance And Testing
We continuously enhance your cross-platform cellular program by running quality tests and checks to make sure that it works flawlessly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re problem solvers, meaning we like to first understand the problem you’re trying to solve with your mobile app and help you design a product that brings something unique to the market.

Cross-Platform mobile app development can be done using Kotlin, Swift, and Java as the programming languages. Top cross platform app development companies also utilize React Native, Xamarin, Flutter, Corona, and Ionic as tools to help them in their Cross-Platform Development.

We use various technologies and tools to design and develop your multi-platform apps. These apps have a singular codebase along with the same set of APIs and frameworks. This enables them to work perfectly on all platforms as an alternative to native apps.

Cross-Platform app development allows you to publish an app on multiple platforms through a single codebase, instead of having to develop the app in each platform’s native language and technology.

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